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How to Buy a Rattle for Your Baby

The first toy to which an infant or a baby responds is a rattle. Babies respond to the movement, sound and the bright colours of the rattle. Infants from 0 to 1 year old happily get engaged with rattles and hence it is one of the best toy to gift too. When buying a rattle, there are a few things you need to look into:

The appearance and output of the rattle should be pleasant. It should not make shrill or harsh sounds but pleasant ones. Also, it should be made of materials that are safe even if the baby chews the rattle. You can go in for branded rattles. Fisher Price, Baby Einstein are some of the well known brands.

With every few months, babies respond in different ways to this toy. A newborn baby will give responses but will not be able to handle it. In the next few months the infant would want to feel it and try it. Little older babies play with the rattles and also tend to bite, chew them and throw them as well. Accordingly the rattles should be vibrant, safe, and light in weight.

When buying a rattle always prefer the ones that occur as a single piece and make sure that they are not open or likely to open from anywhere.

Rattles also come in various forms. They are available as teethers, socks and wrist rattles. In any case, make sure that they are absolutely safe for the infant.

Some rattles are heavy and the infant may get hurt. Avoid buying heavy rattles.

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