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Chhota Bheem is the Craze

Recently I visited my 2 year old niece. I was amused to find that her little world was totally occupied by Chhota Bheem and related characters. My sister was convincing her now and then for various things by citing examples from Chhota Bheem. I also noticed that that milk mugs, T-shirts, toys and many other things carried the imprints of the series.

Image courtesy: http://www.greengold.tv/images/ChhotaBheem.jpg

I was very curious and decided to watch this show with her. The serial is telecasted on the Pogo channel which is a hot favorite among kids. Chhota Bheem, the nine year old boy is the protagonist and is shown to have all the positive qualities. The character is framed to inspire the little minds in all aspects. His gang of friends is also very cute, especially Chutki and Raju. 

There is no negativity in the serial and the mischief that these brats create is fun to watch. As Chhota Bheem loves to eat and gains strength and intelligence from food, the task of feeding toddlers becomes easy for parents. 

The makers of this series have been very professional and have captured the virtual markets. They have understood the trends that are popular today and have customized various kids' products that have created a craze. Starting from mugs, watches, school bags to inner wear, and from scooters to tabs, kids love these products designed with their animation hero. 

Moreover, I recently came across a Chhota Bheem shop that sold only the Chhota Bheem items. Isn't that amazing. I appreciate the marketing strategy. Overall I liked the series and am amused at the positive impact it has created on the little minds.

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