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Kids and Gadgets

Are these synonyms? Well, in today's age the answer could be Yes. We can find very few kids around us who can really turn their back towards gadgets. Be it a cellphone, an ipad, iphone or a tab, they definitely have some knowledge about it and basic skills to handle it.

When I brought my new cell, I realized that my young chap was eagerly looking forward to it. So now it belongs to us. The basic functions of call and messaging are handled by me and rest all by my kiddo!

Kids have adapted to this revolution very positively. But this poses a major challenge for parents. In this revolution of gadgets, we cannot avoid keeping our kids away from them. If I block his access to these he is going to learn about it from friends. The best option is to make sure that whatever he learns should be in a positive way. This affiliation for technology should develop as a skill rather than an addiction.

However, there is always the other side to a coin. When imparting freedom to kids regarding the usage of gadgets, there are two things that every parent should remember:
  • A supervision in a correct way and required measure is necessary. Teenage kids do not like to be interrogated or supervised. But you need to find out ways to keep a track of their progress in this field.
  • Giving them access to these gadgets does not mean satisfying undue or unrealistic demands for new gadgets. 
  • Constructive use of gadgets is important. For example, using kindle to enhance reading skills or using the tab for memory games or improving language skills.

So, with all these sets of do's and don'ts get ready to enjoy the tech world with your kid. He will lead you there and guide you as well.

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