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Basic Care to Protect your Kid from Common Infections in the Monsoons

The rains get the possibility of several types of bacterial, viral, and other infections with them. The most susceptible class to these infections are the kids. Since their immunity is still in the developing stage and also as they are least bothered about rules and regulations, they are vulnerable to various infections. To add to this, schools, day care centers, play areas are the places where they come into contact with other kids who may be carrying these infections. There are certain basic things to remember to avoid getting these infections:

Unhealthy, uncovered, and unhygienic food should be a big NO in these days.
When the children return home, no matter from where, make them take a shower or at least clean up with a sanitizer or disinfectant.
Eye infections are common in these days, so make sure to take proper care of the eyes and to keep away from friends who have these infections.
Contagious diseases like viral fever, malaria, jaundice are also likely to spread. If your kid has any of these, strictly avoid sending him or her to school and day care. Please do not spread the disease!
Teach them to keep all their belongings and their room clean and dry- over the year and especially these four months. 

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