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Creative Ways of Announcing the Birth of Your Baby

This is a guest post by Lauren Roland. Lauren is a guest blogger on behalf of Expecting-Parents.com and PaperStyle. She enjoys spending time with her adorable baby boy and spreading tips for new mothers.  

 Nothing beats the happiness of new parents whose excitement cannot be concealed over the birth of their new baby. There are many ways to make birth announcements. It usually depends on the enthusiasm of the parents in showing off their new child to the world, but if you're someone who wants to make announcing the birth of your baby a big deal (and a special one) then here are some sure trusted ways to get everyone swooning over your baby love.

1. Blog about it

The topics you can read about on blogs are endless. It is not surprising that baby blogs are also very popular. There are ways in which you can kickstart your baby blog. Some people start theirs during pregnancy, the birth, and until the baby has his or her first experiences. You can also start the blog by announcing the birth of your baby and continue by making regular updates on your baby's progress.

2. Post a status about it on social media sites
If you're reading this on the internet, then it is impossible that you do not have at least one account on a social media site. Some of the most popular networks are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and many more. These sites do not only allow you to post simple text, but they encourage you to embed videos, post photos, share links and many more. With these exciting options alone, you are sure to not run out of ideas on announcing the birth of your baby. Plus, most of your friends, family, colleagues and all your other acquaintances are all on these sites. You would be able to spread the word to more people. Moreover, if you have accounts on the four biggest social media sites, you don't have to make the updates for each. You can just link the accounts and have everything covered.

3. Make creative paper announcements
Some couples want to make it traditional. This method will make the announcement special too. After all, weddings and other special occasions always have paper invites. So, why not make the announcement on a nice paper with your baby's picture on it along with some crafty and creative designs? Then, you can set aside one copy, frame it and hang it on the wall of the baby's room in your home.

4. Make phone calls and text messages

There are other couples who are keen with their privacy and rather conservative when it comes to their personal lives. Another traditional way of making the announcement to close family and friends is by personally informing them about the birth of your baby through SMS or through a phone call.
The birth of the baby is the most precious memory that parents will keep for the rest of their lives. It is only right that announcements are made to welcome the child into the world with much love and anticipation. The announcement is just the start. Pretty soon, there will be other major events in the succeeding months from his or her birth that you need to announce, like baptisms and other firsts.

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Important Tips to Plan your Teenage Girl’s Birthday Party

Birthday celebration for a teenager is a joint venture. Your little one who was depending on you for all the things till a couple of years ago, suddenly starts trying to take control of all the things. Teenagers are as usually referred to as young adults and they perfectly fit this description. They form their opinions just like adults, but they need your help to make them work. 

So, if you are thinking about managing the birthday party for your teenage girl, here are few things that you need to take care of:
Giving due consideration to her plans
You may have some ideas about her birthday, but try to know about her plans. Does she have any ideas about the celebration? It may be a party at home or a celebration outside the house. Do not oppose outright even if you do not agree with the idea. Discuss the ideas with her, plan out the celebrations and take her suggestions. She might have better plans. If you think her plans are not acceptable, try to convince her gradually about it. Sudden or outright opposition may cause a rebel.
Going ahead with the plans
Once you decide on the celebration, there could be differences in opinions about the other plans too.  Especially if your teenager is stubborn, you may have a tough time. What seems trendy for her may turn out to be expensive or absurd for you. Do not lose your cool and work out options.
Assigning responsibilities
Give her due credit and respect for important tasks associated with her celebration. Let her take the call regarding the menu, the type of decorations and such other tasks. If she is a mature lady, let her go ahead and organize the party. You can be there as her guide or mentor. Girls are very sensitive and emotional about every little thing around them. It could be her friends, the birthday theme, flowers, or may be the cake too.
Avoiding family interventions in the party
All the family members may not understand your teenager. Teenagers prefer to keep their parties a private affair. So if you think dad is interfering by nature or her sibling is going to poke his or her nose into her party, make plans to keep them away. You might as well plan some outdoor task for them. If her folks are friendly with you and can connect with you easily, they’ll invite you occasionally to join them. But don’t be inquisitive about their intimate discussions.
Respecting her privacy
The D day for your teenager might start with text messages or lot of phone calls. Do not be over inquisitive about this. You can discuss about her friends later, not that day. Same rule applies for gifts as well. At this age they have special friends, boys and girls. And for a teenage girl, the gifts given by these special friends are always very special. She might not want to reveal everything to you. Give her the space she needs and she will come up with her secrets with you or with dad.
Thus, realize that your girl is growing up and you need to make a note of her opinions and emotions when planning her celebrations.

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