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How to Get your Introvert Kid to Mix with People

This is the question that bothers the Mom of every introvert child, just as it did me. Being introvert is a part of one's nature. Kids either have it in them as an individual or they have taken it from the genes. My kid is just like his dad. He takes a lot of time to open up, hardly talks with strangers and is selective about friends.
Though you cannot change this aspect completely, you can help your child to be a normal individual and not the one who locks up oneself completely from the world outside. Also, this change takes up time and a lot of your patience.
You can give this a try:

When the kid starts going to school, things are better. In that case, make it a habit to discuss the events of the day over dinner. Make this appear very casual and invite his participation too. When kids observe that Mom and Dad are enjoying discussing about their day, they give their inputs too. In this way they make sure that they have something to discuss with you. This really works!

It is always preferable that your child has close pals. It could be a sibling or in case of a single child it could be cousins living close by or friends. We had neither of these options. So we opted to send him to a Day care.

My boy doesn't really opt to go out and play, he's comfortable at home. But we have often encouraged him to do so and now he's started enjoying that.

Introvert kids have their spells of solitude. Do not force them to be out during those times. When my kid insists that he wants to be alone, we allow him to do so. After a while he's back, cheerful and ready to mingle.

If you are not the social type, you need to develop those skills for this chap. This way the child will get a chance to interact with family friends and relatives. Though he or she may not mix with elders, but they will be used to having people around.

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pudgieBear said...

My son started as an introvert when he was growing up. But that was remedied when he started school and went to after school activities and camps near here. It helped him to be outgoing and he made lots of friends. It's good that he was able to get exposed to these activities because it helped him get out of his shell. :)

The Parenting Forum said...


Thanks for sharing your experience. If military school activities have suited your boy, nothing like it.

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