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Confessions of a Working Mom

I recently came across an article on Working Moms on CNN Living. Long before I became a Mom, I had intended never to be a working one. But, destiny had something else for me on its plate. I took a break when I had a baby. Three years after Jatin was born, I had to take up a job for financial reasons. I kept convincing myself that there would be a day, when I would sit back at home and raise my kid. We decided to have a single kid so that we could provide him with the best of everything.

Years went by. We gained financial stability and moved on quite well. Our standard of living rose and so did our expectations from life. Since I was not a career oriented person, I gave up several opportunities but carried on with work. After all these years as I look around, life seems to have taken a very fast pace. Commodities that were luxuries have now become necessities. Costs of education, travel, pleasures are ever rising high. And I must admit that not just our kid, but even we have become used to this style of living.

So, I am in a dilemma time and again. I remember my resolution of taking a backseat. But the other resolution of giving my little angel the very best, forces me to carry on. Some day I hope my little one scales the heights and makes us proud.

I think the working Moms out there would definitely agree with this. What do you say?

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