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Growing up with Motherhood

If there is any experience that is 100% real, close to nature and that really made me grow up, is when I became a Mom! The reason for this particular moment to be eligible for this article is three fold:
  • Motherhood is a blessing that nature has gifted to a woman. She has the credit of being the creator of a new life. 
  • Secondly the experience of delivering a baby is as good as being reborn. That moment of delivery is not only crucial for the mother but also is looked forward to by families on either side and involves the emotions and sentiments of the father and entire family as well. It is indeed 100% real!
  • Last but not the least, growing up is a relative term. You grow up biologically, emotionally and psychologically as well. The moment and further process of being a parent makes you more mature with every passing day and you really feel you are growing up in many ways!

My pregnancy news gave me butterflies in the stomach. I have been very outgoing, carefree, and a daredevil at times. But I was also always a Mom at heart and so was very much excited when we got the news. The feeling that a new life is getting created in your womb is amazing! I enjoyed every moment of it. As the intial moments passed on with morning sickness, I started reading more about prenatal care. I couldn't believe it, the impatient and careless individual in me was changing. I had become particular about my nutrition, my medical check-ups and the do's and don't s of pregnancy. Every time I was about to do something "hatke" I gave it a thought now. The last trimester made me more mature and I started dreaming about baby care. Grandmas at both the ends were not very confident of infant care. I discussed this with hubby and one fine day resigned from my job as a research assistant. I was aware that I was not only leaving my doctoral opportunity but also my dream career in Earth Sciences. But I knew that the little soul needed me the most. I also wanted to enjoy every moment of the baby's growing up.

Finally the D day arrived. The doctors tried their level best for the delivery to be normal, but finally they had to go for a C-section. I was calm and patient. On March 7, 2000, I delivered a cute healthy baby boy. The moment of being a Mom was beyond description and has etched a fond serene memory in my mind forever. That particular moment is linked with so many moments before and after that.

When I took my baby in my arms for the first time, it was a mixed feeling...a feeling of joy, pride, love, care and responsibility. I looked on at the little bundle of joy. As I took his tiny fingers in my hand, I realized that I will have to hold this hand till my baby is capable of confidently facing this world. I saw his cute little face and his eyes closed as he was dreaming away and I knew I had to be there for him round the clock keeping aside my priorities if necessary.

And then he suddenly smiled in his dreams. Me and hubby both looked at each other and made a promise to ourselves and to him - we would try our best to keep this smile always on! Now as we look back at this span of 12 years, we feel that we have been growing up with him since that moment. Every experience of parenting has been teaching us a great deal, as we try to be better parents and make our kid a good individual. Finally a day will come when his wings will strengthen up and he will fly off in search of his own world. All that will remain with us will be these moments that were 100% real and natural!

We have been raising our kiddo with all the love and care like all the parents do. But  I still cherish that moment when God blessed me with a baby.

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Christena said...

Amazing post.

Tanu said...

I love my mom.

Indian Movies said...

Love you mami.

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