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Kids Say the Darndest Things

My 12 yr old boy reminded me of this phrase last week.

 It was a weekend with the final exams going on. I was at home to receive my little devil. I love weekends as I get to play the role of a home maker.

He returned from school and after breakfast we were having a chat about his day at school. "It feels so nice to be at home and recieve you. You also must be happy to find Mom at home, right?", I remarked.

There was a moment of silence and my little smart angel (I take time to accept that he's growing up!) replied, "You know what, Moms who are housewives are dumb. Working Moms are smarter." Now it was my turn to be silent for a moment. I recovered from the moral shock and asked him, "Why do you think so? I mean its not really true." He replied, "You see, working Moms are in touch with what's happening in the outside world. They are conversant with computers, they know a lot about internet and can connect with their kids."

"But, then you don't get to connect to your Mom till evening if she's working. She is not available to pamper you." I took out another card. It was then maybe he realized that he has said a lot. He tried to make up for that. "Well, I think it is okay if Mom works for few years and then opts to be at home." That was possibly the best solution that his little brain could come up with.

This conversation indeed had something to take. It gave me a glimpse of the issues that these little minds discuss and the depth of it that can reach upto. Parents should indeed discuss a lot of topics to bring out these thoughts and perceptions and give them the correct direction where necessary.

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