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Exams, you, and your Kid

With the term end exams just round the corner, Moms have geared up with full energy and enthusiasm. Notes, question papers, important tips are the major discussions going around. Health awareness, nutrition, adequate sleep, less play, and control on gadgets are the items on the to do list. Starting right from Grade 1 to Grade X, the exam fever is heating up the atmosphere.

I have never understood the cause, but as a mom I can say that exams usually affect the Moms more than it affects dads. Dads are pretty cool about things and either act as silent spectators or peacemakers! And kids? They are entirely in a defensive mode.

Things are more complicated for working moms. I do not say they are simple for at home moms, but working mothers are aware of the restriction of time. Tutions are not enough for last week preparations. When you are away at office, you need to be well prepared to keep you kid engaged with a task related to his next day's exam. This task needs to be monitored over phone calls if necessary and follow up occurs in the evening. Evenings are again dedicated to a final revision and mom's strategical planning for the next day. I am sure every working mom wishes that she was a work from home mom during this week. Things turn out to be more strenuous if surprise meetings or calls pop up at office followed by extended hours.

Another challenge for every mom is health.These are the days when the kids are likely to come up with stress related symptoms like stomach pains, headaches, and even fever in some cases. Managing health and exams is a crucial thing.Then there are challenges on the home front as well. Your maid may not turn up or there could be some emergency related to a family member or some issue related to the younger one. Apart from all this the show must go on with the minimal daily chores.

Does this sound too much? But it is a fact. Every six months, there are a couple of weeks when Moms act as jugglers balancing numerous things. Finally it is the relief and satisfaction, that your kid has faced one more test in his life and you know he is surely going to emerge as a winner in his own way, irrespective of the marks that he gets on his scorecard. The numbers on the scorecard do not matter so much. It is the efforts, the understanding of challenges, the will power to face it and the courage to  accept the results is what matters to you. Isn't it true?

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