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How to Help Your Toddler with the First Day at the Nursery School

Every child perceives the first day of school in a different way. Some are too excited about it, while some just brush off the topic of school itself. Sometimes they may just want to imitate the brother or sister. However the scene is many a times different when you actually drop your toddler to school. Here are few tips on how you can help out your little one:

The first thing to remember is that this is a very special day in your child's life. So make it special and start preparing for it in advance.

If your kid is a late riser and the school is early, set up the sleep patterns a few weeks prior to this date. Make sure the kid is fresh n smiling when off to school.

A new place and routine can give goosebumps to anyone. So manage the breakfast and potty routine at least on that day and if possible everyday.

Be positive about school and teachers to your kid during discussions.Children are very sensitive about everything you say.

Buy all the accessories and school items in advance to avoid embarrassment.

Most of the children change their minds when they reach school. Even those who are excited, start crying when they see the other kids yelling and crying. So anticipate every adverse reaction.

Some schools allow parents to stay over while some of them are strictly against this. Assure your child that you are waiting outside till school gets over. Keep your promise and be there to pick up your little one.

Discuss about things that happen in school and encourage your toddler to go to school more positively the next day.

Keep patience till your kid gets over the fears and settles down in school.Some kids take a pretty long time in this case.

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