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Top Five Tips to Care for Your Baby's Hair

Hair pattern shows a lot of variation in infants. Some have very sparse hair while some have a nice thick hair cover on the scalp. Sometimes, the initially sparse hair gradually become thick and grows nicely. Hair care in infants and babies is a delicate task. Along with hygiene, you need to be careful in handling and styling them too. Here are some tips regarding this:

Always keep your little one's hair clean. Prefer to use mild baby shampoos and dry the hair gently but thoroughly. Use a clean, soft wide toothed comb for brushing the hair.

Take care to cover your baby's hair when you travel or are out in the sun or cold.

If you intend to grow the hair long, especially for girls, go in for regular trimming after say 2 to 3 months. This will avoid hair splits and also keep it manageable.

Irrespective of the length, take proper care of infant hair. Adopt a schedule for daily oil massage to the scalp, preferably before the bath. This nourishes the hair and benefits in the future.

Select the hair accessories carefully. For smaller kids, avoid pointed, sharp hair pins or hair bands that are too tight. Also avoid accessories that the baby can manage to pull out or those that can pose choking hazards.

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