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Make this Valentine's Day Special for Your Kid

Valentine's day is usually considered as a day for couples or lovers. However, in a true sense Valentine is conveying a message of love where it need not be your spouse or lover. You can express your love to your family or kids as well. Plan something special for your kid on this Valentine day. Depending on the age group you can have different plans and a great time together:

Toddlers and preschoolers: They are too young to understand this concept, but you can tell them that mom and dad wish to express their love and care on this special day. This age requires your special attention and time. Plan some interesting craft activity or take them for their favorite outing topped with a toy gift.

School going kids: They love when they realize that they are an important part of your life. Involve them in an interesting activity. You could paint a beautiful picture or watch their favourite movie or cartoon. Spare time to chat with them, they have a lot to express. You can gift them their first wrist watch or something special for their room.

Preteens: These are slightly difficult to please. Assure them this day that you do care a lot. Watch them a few days before Valentine and surprise them by gifting them something they really wish for. They can be best entertained by going for a trek or swim or may be just for a long drive.

Teenagers: They are most sensitive about the Valentine day. If they do have time to be home, take them along to bake a Valentine cake for their friends or you may gift them one to take along. Arrange for a bouquet or a special gift for them.

Note: Irrespective of the age group, when you gift the kids, be sure it is something that they'd love to have.

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