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Diapers and Related Diaper Accessories

Once your baby comes into this world and you get her home, diaper becomes an inevitable item on your regular shopping list! The more the quantity, the better. You cannot predict the number of times that you will need to change the diapers of your little bundle. Diapers may be the cloth ones, handmade ones or the branded disposable diapers, but you cannot do without this item.

Okay, but it is not just the diaper, there are a whole lot of items that come along with it. These are the items that you may use occasionally or regularly. So the list goes on, there is no escape. What are these items? Do you really need them, and if yes, how do you go about it?

Here you go! Let us begin with the source item, the diapers:

Diapers: These are basically of 2 types, if you go in for the ready-made ones available in the market. You have the cloth diapers and the disposable ones. Cloth diapers also occur in wide range of varieties. They are leak proof, customizable and soft enough to make the baby comfortable. Disposable diapers of brands like Huggies and Pampers are famous. They occur as simple diapers, diaper pants and as nappies. There are many other well known brands as well.
When selecting a diaper, you need to find out the correct size for your little one. You need to test whether the baby is comfortable in the diaper and has no tendency of any allergy or rashes. Gradually you also need to follow up with the change in size. For the cloth diapers, you need to verify the texture of the cloth and the nature of the anti-leak mechanism.

Baby Wipes: You can clean your baby at home the usual way. However, when you are out or you are travelling, it is advisable to carry wipes. Baby wipes are wipes that are extra soft for the baby skin. Most of the baby wipes have the specifications described on them. They are alcohol free, fragrance free and so on. Wipes may be dry or moist. You may select as per your choice and convenience.
There are a variety of wipe holders and wipes dispensers available in the market. These items are very convenient when you take your baby for outings.

Diaper Pails: Diaper pails depend on the type of diapers that are used. For cloth diapers, you need to rinse them if they are stored till laundry time. These pails are dry and have liners that can be washed along with diapers. For disposable diapers, the pails come in varieties. They are deodorized and have filter mechanisms to prevent unpleasant odour. They contain liners that can be disposed with the diapers.

Diaper Refills: These are containers or holders where you can stack in diapers and then use them throughout the day or night. Some refills come in a combo along with diaper pails. You need to ensure the excellent quality of the refill since the diapers are supposed to be stored in it for a long time.
Alternatively you can go in for stacks or organizers. Stacks come in varieties as multi purpose stacks, where you can store the baby's clothes and other items as well. However, if you are a travel person, then you need handy portable refills.

Changing Pads: These are soft pads that come in various dimensions are are made of variety of material. They are used for changing diapers and can be used at home and outside as well. Changing pads are leak proof and deodorized. Some are washable while some are disposable. You can also have covers for changing pads that are not disposable. The cover helps the pads to last longer.
Another option for changing pads is Changing Kits. These are amazing fold-able kits that you can carry in your purse as well. Just open them to turn them into a changing pad. You can use them conveniently anywhere on the go. They occur in various sizes and shapes.

Diaper Bags: These are not exclusively meant for diapers. They are also called Mommy's bags and are customized to carry all the baby necessities. The Mommy bags market has revolutionized and now you get a whole new range of bags that include Daddy's bags and stylish Mommy bags too!

Diaper Creams and Powders: After cleaning, Moms usually apply baby creams or powders to keep the skin moisture free and clean. There are anti-rash creams specially available for babies who have a sensitive skin.

So this is the list of all the possible diaper related items that I can recollect.

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