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How to Manage the Baby Bath Toys

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 Your baby loves to have a bath while playing with the bath toys, or you are getting her comfortable with the bath by using bath toys.Alternatively, you may be very enthusiastic in buying toys and may land up with numerous bath toys. Now you have an additional job of managing the bath toys. You need to ensure that they are cleaned and dried thoroughly. Managing bath toys can be tedious. Every time you clean the bath tub and the bath space, you need to collect the toys, dry them thoroughly and make space to store them.

There are some objects that can really ease your task:

Nets and Holders for Bath Toys: You can get get scoop nets exclusively or along with the set of bath toys. It is convenient to just scoop up the dispersed toys in the tub.Your toddler can also help you with this. There are netted holders which can be suspended and which hold the toys easily. The net helps to drain the moisture and the toys can dry up gradually. However, you need to be careful to thoroughly clean and dry up the nets too.

Bath Toys Bags: These are netted bags that come in various sizes. You can collect the toys in this bag and allow the excess water to drip off. It is then easy to dry them and the bag in sunlight.

Bath toys Organizers: You get storage baskets or toy organizers in different shapes and sizes. According to the design of your bath space or nursery, you can place them. Some are large enough with independent spaces for bath accessories and bath toys. They are easy to clean and have slits that drain off water.
Some organizers come in suitable sizes to be fitted on to the bath tubs as well.

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