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How to Select Bath Toys for your Baby

You may have visited the baby toy shop to find an exciting range of bath toys or you may be planning to shop them online. The next thought that flashes across your mind is whether they are safe for the infant. As the toys are bound to be immersed in water, preferably hot water, they are expected to be of the best material. You are also aware that the baby is quite likely to put the toy in her mouth. You may have similar questions in mind when you plan to gift bath toys.

How do you select the correct bath toy for your little one? Here are few tips:

Rather than going in for offers and quantity, go in for well known brands and quality. Baby toys of established brands like Fisher-Price are a bit costly but they are safe and durable.

Check the age group for which the toys are meant. Some toys that are safe for 6 months and above may not be recommended for younger babies. Infant and baby toys vary for different age groups.

Be careful to read the specifications on the cover. Ensure that the colour and material are safe and free from any type of hazards. Make sure that the toy size is safe for the baby and is free from any kind of choking hazards. Especially the squirking or squeaking toys have small parts that may pose a risk.

Ensure that the toy material does not pose the risk of growing molds. You also need to clean and dry the toys after the bath in any case.

Research different brands and their reliability before you go shopping. Read reviews related to the product. Bath toys is an item that you may frequently shop for. They make the bathing experience a delight and babies may love the varieites.

Ideally do not let the baby chew the bath toys. Let the baby enjoy the toys under your supervision. Prefer teethers for chewing. However, prefer BPA free toys in case the baby does put the toy in her mouth.

Tip to remember: Along with the bath toys, be careful to follow all the safety measures for your baby's bath too!

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