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Being a Mom..

The news of pregnancy, the sequence of 36 weeks and finally awaiting the D day when you and your family awaits the little bundle of joy! It is a long journey to be a Mom and it takes a lot of patience too. Finally you hear the cry in the labour room as you are nearly broken down with pain and fatigue and tears of joy roll down your cheeks. Your little angel has arrived in this world! You have never bothered to think once whether its a boy or a girl. The doctor smiles and shows you your baby..revealing the news..Its a boy or Its a girl!

At that moment you understand what it means to be a Mom. That little bundle becomes your world. You understand that you need to be there for someone round the clock. You need to strive to get a smile on that face, you need to be there to wipe the tears, to soothe the fears and for every other little thing. You make a promise to yourself- to give the very best of everything to your sweet little angel.

After all "Mom is the Word!!"

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