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The Do's and Don'ts of Internet Access for your Preteens

Preteen kids adore accessing the Internet time and again. The net provides loads of information and is instrumental in developing knowledge. It is tempting to be a part of the social networking sites where they can hang on with friends, to download the top 20s on music charts and the latest games. They can brag among their friends about the updates they receive.Though it is essential for your young one to be in touch with the technology, it is your duty to recognize the pitfalls and make sure to be present as the guide. Some of the risks and the ways to manage them are:

  • Preteens is the age span that loves adventure and risks. The kids can land up getting in touch with strangers and thus may become a victim of sexual abuse or cyber crime.
  • This age has a curiosity about sex related topics. This may result in the access of adult sites or spam mails depicting adult content.
  • Internet surfing can become an addiction and thus result in introvert personalities and disinterest in studies and extracurricular activities.
  • Preteens is a comparatively immature age. Kids can reveal their personal information or information related to finances or family to strangers without realizing the gravity of the situations.
  • Just like television, restrict the time for Internet surfing. Maybe 1-2 hours everyday.
  • You cannot sit with the kids all the while they access the net; moreover they resent this intrusion into their privacy. But it is important that you periodically monitor the surfing. The best way out is to make friends with your young one.
  • Talk to them about the possible risks of chatting or mailing unknown people and set the rule for the same.
  • Encourage them to surf good sites that really enhance their general knowledge.
  • Do not commit the mistake of putting a ban on the net. That may make them a rebel and they might turn to external resources which is a greater risk.

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