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Kids and Vacations

Kids' vacations get along several things with them. Travel plans, movies, games are on for the youngsters. For moms it is the change in schedule, shuffling household tasks, extra cooking and shopping and moreover, keeping the little devils engaged. Things are more trivial for working moms. Keeping in pace with the day care and the kid is very difficult.
Nowadays there has been a trend of engaging the kids in summer camps and other allied activities. Some parents prefer to enroll them for short courses. However, when doing this, we tend to forget our own childhood and the yearning for vacation so as to live life as we want to. We conveniently decide what is best for our kids and go ahead with the plans.
Learning something new is not wrong, but the way it is implied is wrong. Before you decide to dump your little one somewhere, give a thought regarding the age, liking, skills, duration, distance and the timing. Your little boy may just want to lazy out or go over to his cousin, your young girl may not be willing to rise early for some sport of your choice. Perhaps they deserve a break of a month or two after a hectic round-the-clock routine of a year. Then why are we keen on creating sports and rock stars?
Isn't it time we discussed with the kids what they actually want to learn and how do they really want to spend their vacation? Let them grow up and realize what their interests are. You are always by their side, aren't you? So relax and enjoy the vacation with your little one.

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