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Choice of a Career after the XII Examination

Well, this article is meant for the parents as much as for the teenagers who are just out with flying colours from the HSC board exam. This is a period of lot of anxiety and dilemma. The possibility of not getting admission for medical or engineering, or the confusion of opting for traditional sciences or applied courses. The future MBA craze and the urge to do something offbeat!

The next two months are very crucial in your life. Parents in some cases are stable and wise to guide the confused kid through this phase, while in some cases they seem to be much more anxious than the kids. Some parents are keen on getting their dreams realized by hook or by crook, while some feel that low percentage means a lost battle..."ab kuch nahi ho sakta!"

As admissions speed up in the next quarter, these are the few days when you guys need to study yourself and the market as well. List out your options and prioritize them. Your options should include careers that are close to your heart and in the field that you will love to work in for a lifetime. In your first three options weigh the possibilities of admissions on the basis of the University/Institute, merit and the fees that your parents can afford. Else move on to the next.

BUT APPLY EVERYWHERE! Just because you think its out of reach, doesn't mean you won't get it! So keep trying. But don't get disheartened if you don't get through. There is always a still better option waiting for you round the next corner!

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