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Feeding Accessories for 0-1 Year Olds

As a Mom, feeding forms a major part of your schedule from the day your baby comes into this world. As the growth of the baby progresses, especially in the first year, the feeding styles change and so does the food. In the initial months it is only breast feeding. Gradually, as you start with external foods, the routine, the intervals and the style changes.

Irrespective of any stage, feeding accessories is something that will always be on your list. There are some that are essential while some are add-on. Let us take a look at the major accessories that you will need:

Accessories for breastfeeding
Breastfeeding has always been the age old and best way to care for your little one's nutrition. Infants need to be breastfed at frequent intervals. There is a wide range of accessories related to breast feeds that makes the process convenient for the Mom and the baby irrespective of the schedule, place and time.
Nursing Bras and Dresses: These are designed especially for nursing your baby with convenience. They have wide opening in the front to allow ease of breastfeeding. The dresses are trendy and are available in patterns to suit any occasion. So now you do not need to excuse yourself for breastfeeding your little one.
Nursing Covers: These are special designed cloth covers that give you the privacy to breast feed when you are in public. The cuts and designs are casual and you can maintain eye and physical contact with your little one rather than hiding the baby.
Breast Pads: If you need to be out for a long time that will result in keeping you away from the intended breast feed, you can gear yourself with breast pads. These are absorbent cotton pads that prevent the leakage of milk on to your clothes.
Breast Feeding Pumps and Storage Bags and Bottles: If you are a working Mom or if you are going to be away from your baby for a long interval, you can make use of this accessories to ensure that your baby gets the next feed of mother's milk. There is a variety of breast pumps and storage accessories like bags and bottles.
You need to research the appropriate ones that suit your needs.
Nipple shields: They protect the nipples from cracking or getting hurt. You also get ointments in case you have any cuts or cracks.

Accessories for bottle feeds
 If you have started bottle feeding your baby, you have a whole new world of infant accessories:
Baby bottles and nipples: There is a huge variety of baby bottles in the market in terms of size, shapes, brands, and materials. you can talk to your doctor or close friends and research on the internet for suitable types.
Cleaning and warming accessories: There are sterilizers, bottle trays for dishwashers and bottle brushes of various types. If you have microwave friendly bottles, then there are warmers available for them.
Bibs and burp cloths: These are minor accessories, but important in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene when you bottle feed your baby.

Accessories for solid feeds
Once your little one is able to have foods other than milk, it is time for some more baby special accessories:
Bowls, dishes and spoons: All these utilities designed with special plastics or baby friendly materials and with pretty designs that do not harm your baby are available in a really wide variety. You can go in for the best brands and have safe and healthy feeds for your baby.
Sippy cups and glasses: They come in different volumes and shapes too! Here again you have a wide choice. You can have special cups that can be carried when you travel as well.
Highchair: This is an optional but a convenient accessory. These are designed in an infant friendly way and some can be adjusted in height as the baby grows up. The positive aspect is that you can feed the baby conveniently and without running around, but you need to be around to prevent any mishap.

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