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Tips to Decide on Buying Baby Strollers

A baby stroller is a baby carrier with wheels. This enables the parents to take the baby out for a walk, for running errands and anywhere outside the house. The parent can just lead the stroller with the push of the hand while the baby sits or lies comfortably inside watching the surroundings. There are several types of strollers like jogging strollers, all-terrain strollers, traditional strollers,  combo strollers, umbrell strollers and carriages. Similarly there are several brands and a wide price range. You can select the appropriate type of stroller based on you needs and budget.
When you think of buying a baby stroller, following are the points that you need to consider:

Your requirement
Since there is a huge variety and corresponding price range for the strollers available in the market, you need to narrow down your search based on three factors. The type of stroller, your budget and the age of your baby. This is because strollers are not always economical, you may not essentially need them and your baby might be old or small for the particular stroller that you may be tempted to buy.
Following is a brief description of the types of strollers and their characteristics:
Travel System Strollers: These strollers allow you to convert your car seat into a stroller. They are suitable for infants and slightly older babies. The travel systems are sturdy but bulky. You can also opt for seat strollers that are of similar type and less bulky.
Traditional Strollers: These are the usual strollers and come in various styles. There are light weight and heavy options in this type. Light weight strollers are meant for short distances and need to be changed as the baby exceeds the weight limits. Full-size sturdy strollers are convenient and can be used for any terrain, long distances and for a longer duration even as the baby grows.
Jogger Strollers: The jogger strollers can be carried for jogs or walks. They are comparatively expensive and can be preferred for babies 6+ months in age. Their use is restricted.

Your Surroundings, routine and lifestyle
There are various factors that will help you decide if you really need a stroller and if you do, then what type should you go in for. If you have extreme climatic conditions in summer, winter and monsoons, then you need to give a thought about the period when you are actually going to  need the stroller and your baby's age during those months. Also, in extreme climates if you are not going out frequently, then you will not need the stroller often.
If you are required to travel often then you will need a travel system. If you are living in a really crowded area with heavy traffic around, then using the stroller will not be possible. The space in your house and in your car also help you decide the type of stroller. Every stroller has a different folding mechanism. Consider all the factors when you plan to buy a stroller.

Brands and Budget
There are numerous stroller brands available in the market. You need to research and determine the brand, the types of strollers that they offer and the price. Similar to other baby products, do not venture for local or unknown brands. Study the specifications of the strollers for different brands.

Comfort level of the baby and the user
The task to buy a stroller is accomplished when the baby is happy in it. You can test ride a new stroller or share one with a friend to see if your baby is happy being in it. You also need to be comfortable using the stroller, handling the baby in and out of it and folding and opening it. You can take a trial of these tasks.

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