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Top Tips on Baby Bottles

When you think of buying a feeding bottle for you baby, you may get confused with the numerous options that you find in the market. There are various types of bottles, several types of nipples, bibs, and a range of bottle accessories. However, a feeding bottle is definitely a product that you need for your baby. It may be required at the stage when you start bottle feeding or you may need it to store breast milk.

There are basically three types of feeding bottles and every type has its own benefits and drawbacks:

  • Plastic bottles are easy to carry, unbreakable and safe to handle than glass ones. However, the quality of the plastic needs to be good. It is also advisable that the plastic should be BPA free. The plastic bottle shave a low life as compared to the glass bottles.
  • Glass bottles can be cleaned thoroughly by boiling. They also last longer, but have a risk to being cracked or broken if not handled properly.
  • You also get disposable bottles that have a sterilized liner that can be disposed after each feeding. If the quality of the liner is good and safe to use, these bottles are very convenient. However they are expensive than the other two types.

There are wide varieties in nipples too when it comes to material, shape and size. Nipples are usually made of plastic, silicone or latex. If you are opting for latex, you need to ensure that the baby does not react with any allergy. For plastic nipples you again need to ensure that the plastic is safe and preferably BPA free. The best choice to opt for is silicone nipples. The shapes vary from rounded to flat or mimicked to the shape of mother's nipples. Nipples also come in various sizes. Accordingly the holes in the nipple may be small or large, thus affecting the milk flow. You need to test the milk flow before using it.

There are some important tips that you need to follow regarding nipples:
  • Your baby may or may not adapt to a particular nipple type. If she is a picky one, the you will be required to try variety of nipples till the baby gets used to a particular one.
  • Nipples may gradually get cracked by wear and tear, hence need to be replaced periodically.
  • Always use a bottle or nipple cap for safety and hygiene.
  • Research for good nipple brands to ensure good quality.
Accessories related to feeding bottles
Though there is a wide range of accessories that relates to feeding bottles, you need not have all the items. There are certain accessories that are important like bottle brushes, nipple brushes, extra nipples, bibs and burp cloths.

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