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Moses Baskets for Babies

Trend Lab Moses Basket Set -Wrap Style Bumper and Mattress Cover Sheet
A Moses basket is a small and pretty basket in which you can put your baby to sleep or can carry her around and place her at a reachable distance from you. This basket is intended for newborns and small infants. You need to stop using the basket as soon as the baby outgrows it. The Moses basket is available in pretty designs in different brands and qualities. It consists of a small mattress, lining and is padded entirely for comfort. Some baskets come along with a baby blanket and the basket hood.
Following are the precautions that parents need to take if they are using a Moses basket:
  • The basket needs to be at a reachable distance. Do not keep it away from you. The baby should not be left alone in the basket when you are away.
  • When you carry the baby in the Moses basket, hold the handle with one hand and ensure that you place the other hand at the base of the basket. This avoids the risk of any hazard.
  • The Moses basket should always be kept in a safe place on the floor. Avoid keeping it at a height or on the bed, table or on any furniture. Do not place the basket near doors, staircases, heavy furniture items or outside the house.
  • Keep the basket out of reach from other small kids and pets. Do not let children handle the basket when the baby is placed in it. You get baskets that are placed in a stand above the ground level. This may prove useful if you have pets.
  • Ensure that you use the basket with lining and padding. You can also use a baby blanket at the base ensuring that it is spread properly and is not uncomfortable for the baby.
  • Swaddle and tuck the baby properly inside the basket. Make sure that the baby is placed at the center of the basket.
  • If the baby outgrows the size of the Moses basket, stop using it. Also avoid using the basket if the baby is old enough to twist an turn or sit up by herself.

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