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5 Things to Remember When You Join Office After Maternity Leave

You have just extended a welcome to your little bundle of joy and are proud to be a new Mom. You have taken a break from a busy career to devote your time to this angel. As always time flies off and you realize your maternity leave is over. It's time to join office and you realize you are again in a difficult phase. You are happy about going back to work but are worried about setting your baby's routine. There are numerous questions hovering at the back of your mind.

Following are the tips that will help you be the best Mom and the career woman that you have wanted to be:

  1. Right from the beginning, do not let the guilt of being a working Mom creep in your mind. You are going to work for your self esteem as an individual, for your family, and for your baby. So get back on your toes with confidence and happiness, not with a guilt. 
  2. Plan your baby's routine and check on it few weeks in advance. You and your baby need to get adapted to it. This includes, switching the baby from breast feed to bottle feed for specific hours when you are away. If the baby is old enough for external feeds, you need to plan that as well.
  3. Your baby needs a good caretaker when you are away. This could be a daycare or someone at home. Get trials of this routine as well. The baby and the babysitter should be comfortable with each other when you are away. The person should be skilled and aware of dealing with all the possible emergencies that can arise in infant care. Else, this adds to your stress.
  4. Based on your nature of work and office schedule, plan the immunization and related leaves in advance. Ask the Dad to contribute and share this as well. Be prepared for unexpected illnesses and other challenges that are going to take up your time and energy as well. These involve sleepless nights, teething, food tantrums and some other adventures as months pass by.
  5. Keep clear communication with office folks, Dad and grandparents if they are going to take care of the kid. If your office does offer flexible times or work from home options, you may possible need leaves. Ensure your office that you will not let work get affected. Similarly, counsel your husband that he needs to share the equal responsibility of being there for the baby at times. Grandparents' support and help are most required during this phase. 

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