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Top Tips for ICSE Class 10 Geography Self Study

Geography is a subject that students often do not find to be very interesting. The descriptive lessons, numerous things that need to be memorized and the projects and charts seem to make it a bit boring for the kids.

However, for ICSE board exams, Geography can help a great deal. If you understand the smart ways to study it, the subject can shoot up your marks in no time. Following are some of the tips that need to be understood and remembered:

  • Remove the mental block that Geography is a boring subject and you need to drag it. Most of the students take up the books with this outlook and lose interest. The ICSE board calculates the average marks for History and Geography as Social Studies. So if you are weak in History, Geography is going to be your savior.
  • Concentrate equally on toposheets and maps. The board paper has a 30 marks section for these two topics. Understand the basics of toposheets and maps and practice a lot right from the beginning. It is advisable to get the practiced maps assessed by your teacher. This will help you improve.
  • Follow the rules and conventions for maps and toposheets. This improves with regular practice.
  • Start working on charts. Prepare charts for topics like Forests, Mineral Resources, Water Resources and so on. It helps you learn in a better way and saves a lot of time when exams are round the corner. Display the charts in your room and keep replacing the topics periodically.
  • Understand the paper pattern. Though the syllabus is extensive, understand the paper pattern (unless it is expected to change for that particular year). The paper is likely to have a particular distribution of chapters. Discuss this with your teachers so that you understand the chapters that you can concentrate on. Do NOT LEAVE LESSONS FOR OPTION. However, you can study certain chapters more thoroughly.
  • Nothing can replace paper solving. Once the syllabus nears completion, you can take up paper solving. Get your papers checked and discuss them with your teacher. ICSE expects you to provide concise and accurate answers. 

So, get started today and  wish you the very best!

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