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Top Tips to Study for ICSE Class 10 Chemistry

ICSE Chemistry initially seems to be extensive and tough. However, if you plan properly and understand the paper pattern, it becomes easy. Following are some of the tips that will help you get friendly with this subject:

Equations are an integral part of this subject. Create lists and charts of balanced chemical equations based on type of reactions or topics or lessons. Memorize them at regular intervals. Plan your equation time at least once a week.

Organic Chemistry is a new topic and will take up a lot of time. Begin your Organic self study early in the year. Understand and practice structural formulae and equations. Understand the concepts of nomenclature of organic compounds.

Numericals are equally important. Keep practising them as the syllabus moves ahead. Get your doubts cleared within time. Practice extra numericals from board and prelim papers.

The lab preparation methods are asked in a particular way in the exams. Do not mug up pages. Understand the questions and prepare the topic accordingly. You can prepare charts for lab preparations. That makes learning easy. Same applies for Electrolysis and Metallurgy.

Split the extensive lessons into sections to make study easy. Do not give up regular practice.

Your question paper will be based on the text but with no direct questions. Study the paper pattern thoroughly. Solve a lot of practice papers. This is very important for Chemistry.

Always get your solved paper assessed and work on your mistakes. Revisit your doubts and practice those topics regularly.
For details related to syllabus and question papers, refer to the ICSE website.

Wish you all the best!

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