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Top 5 Tips to Study ICSE Class 10 Mathematics

Mathematics is the subject that scares most of the people, not just class 10 students. Apart from the aura that this subject has, getting comfortable with Maths, developing the skills in various topics and scoring marks in the board paper are some of the major concerns that students have.
The key to success in this subject is two fold: First thing is regular practice of a variety of topics, and I mean regular. Secondly, to develop a feeling that it is just a subject like any other subject and not a devil to get scared of. This notion can help you get over exam fears and in turn helps you score better.
Coming to ICSE class 10 Mathematics, they have one paper that includes Algebra and Geometry. The syllabus appears to be extensive, but if studies are well planned, that should not be an issue. Unfortunately you cannot risk your marks by opting out of certain lessons.
  • If you start take up this subject right from the beginning that is your 9th standard vacations, it gives you a lot of time to concentrate on various topics. You can follow the pattern taken up by classes (if you go for coaching) or else, you can plan the school way.  
  • For practice, there are 4 categories, namely, solved and unsolved examples from the text, questions from the previous years papers of the board exams, questions from previous years prelims and unit test papers of your school and other schools, and miscellaneous questions.
  • One important piece of advice is that you maintain the books where you solve these examples and get them checked as well. This way you can keep a track of whatever you have revised.
  • After you have studied 2-3 chapters, prepare and solve mock test papers. You can solve 20 marks tests similar to your unit tests. This is very important as it helps you managing time versus the sums that you solve.
  • Paper solving can begin towards the end of the first term. Concentrate on making your paper more better by minimizing silly mistakes and making the presentation better. Pick out the topics where you are consistently weak and consistently excellent. Work on both to keep the balance.
  • Do not hesitate to bother your teachers with doubts. Also, get the solved papers evaluated from the teachers. Mathematics teachers understand their students and their fears and are always willing to help.
  • Do not run after too many classes and guides. The categories that are listed above for practice are enough.
  • Formulae are the backbone of this subject. Memorize them and keep writing them. Prepare charts for formulae and display them in your room.
  • Solve your paper the smart way. The ICSE paper gives an average of 5-6 minutes for each sum. Do not keep fighting with the tough lot. First solve whatever you feel confident about. Revisit the other sums later (keeping a track of time).
  • Do not forget to check your paper. Do not leave any sum. Attempt to solve the basic steps and write the formula. That is the least you can do. Keep the habit of working out in the rough column. Do not solve orally, it results in silly mistakes.
For details of syllabus and question paper, refer to the ICSE website.

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