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Top 3 Baby Keepsake Products

Parenting keeps you busy day in and day out. You are little aware that time is going to fly off and your little one is going to get out of the crib and get ready to walk out into this big world. You will be left with sweet memories of raising your sweet pie. 

So, now itself its the time to collect and preserve all those moments and things related to them. It may be the first smile of your baby, the little heart shaped locket that you first got for your little girl or the silver spoon that you used to feed your angel. Actually every moment and every silly thing associated with that moment is a life time memory for the parents. But still there are some special moments that you can treasure and revisit several times, even when your kid grows up and gets busy in his or her own world.

The market is flooded with keepsake items and you have a wide choice today. However, I would recommend 3 basic types of keepsakes that you can opt for. They help you preserve a whole lot of memories.

Scrapbooks: These are pretty colored and decorated scrapbooks. You can add photographs and enter specific dates and events. You can also embed hand and foot prints of your little one in this book. You can create customized scrapbooks at home too or you can order specific designs from online baby stores.
Similar to scrapbooks, you have baby calendars that help you to note down events. You may opt for baby frames that occur in combination with baby hand and foot prints.

Keepsake Boxes and Tins: These are cute little tins and pretty boxes which can be used to preserve baby items. Keepsakes like baby jewelry items, feeding spoons and bowls, anklets can be stored in the boxes. You can also get chests large enough to enough to hold the first pair of shoes, birth announcements and first toy as well.

Silver Keepsakes: This involves a range of products. You may opt for pure silver or silver plated products. The first baby cup, bowl or spoons that you had specially bought for your little one. A silver frame that embeds special memory pics. It may be the silver or gold baby jewelry that you have been using from 0 to 2 yrs old.

Well, love and emotions have no limits. Every little moment and every little object has its own significance when it comes to preserving it as a memory. So keepsakes are a must, aren't they?

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