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How to Take Care of Baby Nails

A baby's nails grow very quickly and babies tend to scratch themselves as they move their hands and feet. Their toe and finger nails are very delicate too. Therefore, you need to look into the nail trimming at least once or twice a week depending on the nail growth. You also need to be very careful when you cut the nails.

The best time to cut the nails is when the baby is fast asleep, preferably during the day so that you can be extra careful. The sleep after the bath is also a good time, as the nails become soft after a bath. Depending on the sleep pattern, you can decide which time would be ideal.

Place the baby on a wide surface and sit beside her. Gently hold the hand and cut the nail using an infant scissor or an infant nail clipper. Do not use scissors or clippers that are sharp or meant for adults. If the baby tends to wake up or moves, stop for a while and then resume. When cutting the nails, make the nail stick out by applying slight pressure and cut it in one single motion. Cutting the nails in an irregular manner can leave sharp jagged edges and the baby may hurt herself. Repeat the same process for the toe nails. Observe the growth of the nails and trim them as needed.

Do not cut the nails too deep as it may hurt the tender skin. If there is any dirt, gently remove it with your fingers.

There are various accessories intended for baby nail care. You can also buy a baby manicure set. The important nail care items for babies are:
Infant nail scissors:These are especially designed for baby nail cut. They have large handles that are comfortable to hold without the risk of losing the grip. The blade has rounded edges that eliminate the risk of pricking or causing cuts. Scissors are much convenient to handle than nail clippers.
Infant nail clippers: These are available in various sizes and pretty shapes, but the clip size is small and designed for the tiny nails. They also do not have sharp edges and are safe. Nail clippers are more useful if there are any jagged edges that need a trim.
Infant nail files: These are small files that are exceptionally tender on the soft nails. Files may be used to file off the fresh cut nail surfaces or any sharp edges.
You can manage your baby's nail care with just a pair of baby scissors, but you can have the other two items ready if you feel any sharp edges still persist.

Be extremely careful when cutting your baby's nails. Do not haste and cut it in an incorrect way as this can harm the tender skin.

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