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How to Buy a Baby Crib

DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail
When you plan the interior of the nursery for your baby, the crib is the most important feature. The infant stage of the child is spent mostly in the crib. With so many varieties and brands of cribs in the market, it becomes really difficult to finalize on to something really special for your angel. Secondly, as a new parent you need to look into the finer details of this furniture item other than its attractive appearance. Here are some clues about it:

Survey the market for various brands, prices and designs. It will help you to decide what exactly you are looking for.

The crib can come with or without wheels. In case you wish to buy a crib with wheels, check the type of wheels and moreover the wheel lock. That's very important for the safety of your infant.

The design of the crib is another important aspect. Go in for a sturdy crib preferably wooden with a good quality finish. Check the design to ensure there is no risk wherein the baby's body parts can get caught. Prefer a crib without detachable parts to avoid any risk.

The dimensions of the crib is also important. Make sure it can accommodate a baby upto at least 2 years of age. There are cribs more spacious than that too.

There are cribs with one or more drop down sides. Though it seems convenient it can be risky at times particularly in case of toddlers.

Some cribs can be converted into toddler or children beds and thus are useful for years. However, these convertible cribs are costly. If you intend to change the nursery furnishings, go in for the simple crib that can serve the purpose for a couple of years or more.

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