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Tips for Buying a Teether for a Baby

Babies start teething from somewhere around 4 months, though it may be late in some cases. During this phase, the gums become sensitive and sore and as the teeth emerges, it results in pain. The baby thus appears restless and tends to chew and bite into a lot of things. Teethers or gum soothers are an ideal option in these days. Nowadays teethers occur in a wide range of varieties. Some of them are as follows:

Teethers occur in bright colours and various shapes like those of animals, flowers and fruits.

They are made of variety of materials. You can go in for slicone or natural rubber. Most of
them are purely organic and thus BPA, PVC and pthalate free. Some teethers are filled with sterilized water that is absolutely safe and can be cooled. However, you need to be careful in this case if the baby is too small.

Nowadays teethers occur in specialized forms depending on the age of the baby. Thus you get teethers for the front teeth as well as for the molars.

Teethers may occur in various forms like toys, pacifiers and even blankets! There are textured teething surfaces at the corners of the blankets. Some teethers also come in as Mom's jewellery that the baby can chew on.

When you buy a teether, always go in for well known brands when you buy a teether, since it is going to be chewed by your infant.

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