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How to Choose Infant Bath Toys

Infants either enjoy their bath or they hate it and create a fuss everyday. Bath toys can make the task enjoyable in any case. However, you should be lucky enough to get the toy that will attract your baby's attention. Making this choice is difficult. Here are some tips you can consider to buy a baby bath toy:

Infants from 0 to 2 months are too small to enjoy toys while bathing. So consider this option for infants older than this.

Involve variety when you buy these toys initially. Observe what attracts your infant the most. It could be sound, color or texture. However, avoid toys with harsh sounds for infants.

Make sure the bath toys are absolutely safe. They should be free from carcinogenic substances, small and detachable parts and harmful colors. There should be no hazards resulting due to choking.

As you observe your baby's progress with age, replace the toys after every few months. They tend to explore and understand more gradually.

Your choice may be quite different from your little one's. You can take your kid to the shop and take help in selecting the toy.

Natural, organic and BPA-free toys are the best choice. Search various websites to find out brands that deal in quality toys. One of them is Fisher Price that specializes in infant toys.

Along with toys, strictly observe the safety rules when bathing your infant.

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