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How to Manage the Baby Sleep Patterns

Well, you both are glad to be a proud Mom and Dad as you get your little bundle of joy home.You are also set with the information on baby care and things like that. However, your little one gives you jitters as she abruptly remains awake throughout the night or prefers to have short naps.This may go on for weeks as your baby just refuses to give in to your efforts to make her sleep. Here are some tips on how to understand the management of newborns and sleep:

You need to understand that your little one has just entered this world and is trying to adapt to the surroundings. So many a times, babies take time to settle themselves in a routine.

Though your knowledge from the internet, books and advice from the elders have taught you many things, always remember that every baby is unique and has individual habits. You cannot relate the baby sleep patterns in anyway.

Check out the basic comforts when you put your baby to sleep. The room should have the temperature maintained. The light arrangement should be dim and soft. Cribs, swings or a small baby mattress are ideal options. Babies love to be swayed and sleep faster.

Soothe the baby when you are putting her off to sleep. A sweet lullaby, warm caresses and the warmth of your lap or arms makes them feel secure.

Newborns have a tendency to have short naps as they wake up frequently for feeds and diaper changes! This duration could be two to three hours and the cycle goes on irrespective of days or nights.

Infant colic is one reason that could keep your little one awake. When the baby is not ready to take in feeds or immediately gets upset after being breastfed or shows definite patterns of irritation or crying, you need to consult the child care specialist.

Apart from colic there could be some other reason that makes your baby uncomfortable. It could be the change in weather, rise in heat or cold or something else.You need to check them out.

Some babies just don't like to be wrapped up or swaddled and you may take time to realize this.

Inspite of all this, some babies do keep awake for several nights.Some have their share of sleep during daytime and play off at nights.If the baby is up and well, you need to accept the pattern till they are a little old and you can mould them for a routine.

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