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How to Choose a Mattress for a Crib

A good crib mattress is as important as a good and sturdy crib. Infants spend most of their time having small naps and also play in the crib when they are a little older. An improper mattress not only causes discomfort to the baby but may also hamper the development due to the improper postures. Here are some tips that will help you select a good mattress for your infant's crib:

The dimensions of the mattress should be in proportion to the dimensions of the crib. Check the crib dimensions before you buy the mattress.

The material of which the mattress is made up of is your choice. You may go in for foam or a coil mattress or can opt for an organic mattress made up of organic cotton or organic wool. In any case, check for the standard requirements of each material and be sure they are comfortable for the infant.

The cost of the mattress should not be a concern. Mattresses are costly but your baby's comfort is priceless. Always select a good quality mattress.

There are mattresses made of materials that may be fire or even moisture resistant. There are special mattresses for infants with good ventilation. This minimizes the risk of suffocation. So when buying a mattress, make sure the dealer really knows about infant bedding and accessories.

Make sure that the baby bedding is free of any chemicals or toxins.

Warning: Always make sure the mattress has no sharp springs coming up. There should be no cotton or foam springing out. This is very risky for the baby. When putting your baby off to sleep, remove extra blankets, bedding accessories or toys if spread around. Place the infant in a comfortable position and watch over when asleep.

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