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How to Buy a Diaper Cake for a Baby Shower Party

A diaper cake is the crown in the jewel when you throw a baby shower party. The cake is gifted usually by a close relative or a friend. Diaper cakes can be made or purchased. A diaper cake is a single or multi tier cake made up of various items that a would-be-mom would need for her infant.You can decorate it as creatively as a Christmas tree! When you buy a diaper cake, here are some things you need to consider:

Your budget is the first thing you need to consider. If you go in for branded diaper cakes or those that are exclusively decorated, it becomes a costly affair. Other way round, you can purchase a basic diaper cake and decorate it at home.

The cost of the diaper cake depends on the tiers and the quality and amount of utility items that are used.

Insist on quality. A diaper cake is made up of diapers, toys, baby bath items and infant accessories. All of these need to be of premium quality and no compromise on that. Ask for a suitable cover that can be used to preserve it after the baby shower function.

When you buy the cake, check the items that are used for it. Many a times the same varieties are repeated. Ask the dealer for variation in toys or baby products. A made-to-order cake is always better.

Sometimes diaper cakes are made and decorated exclusively for a baby boy or baby girl. There are gender neutral cakes too. You can make the choice.

It is advisable if the cake is packed off properly or dissembled after the baby shower celebration.

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