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How to Choose a Theme for your Baby's Nursery

When you set up the decor for infant nursery, you can select a theme of your choice. You may then select the nursery furniture and decor to suit the theme and it will give a pretty and gorgeous nursery. Here are few tips on how to make a selection of theme:

If you are setting up the nursery after the news of baby's arrival, the best way is to go in for gender specific themes. So baby girls can have a set up of Snow White, Cindrella, dolls while the baby boy can have Pinnochio or prince themes.

Floral themes are also a great choice as you can opt for bright as well as soothing colours.

There are nature based themes where imagination knows no bounds. You may use rainbows, moon, stars, snow, forests, animals, fruits and many more ideas in this case.

Once you have finalized on the theme, you need to plan the settings and shop accordingly. Right from the crib, lamps, wallpaper or paints, everything should be in synch with the theme.

Irrespective of the theme, you can use add-ons like nursery rhymes, cut-outs, and suitable pictures or photographs of your infant.

One thing remains constant though; the room should project a soft and soothing look. Even if you use bright colours, make sure you do not make the room look too vibrant.

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