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Coping with the Darkness Fear in Toddlers

Your little toddler may often get scared of darkness due to a number of reasons. This could be due to some monster or witch in a fairy tale or some fearful scene on television or it may be simply due to darkness. As a result the kid may refuse to sleep alone or may hesitate going from one room to another. There are ways to deal with this fear:

Do not coax or blame the kids for this fear and do not be overly protective either. Be with them initially and teach them to manage themselves gradually.

If the kid is not willing to transit from one room to another, offer to goo with him or her. Keep the lights on in other rooms so that the kid is comfortable.

Bedtime atmosphere needs to be changed in such cases. Change the stories to humorous ones or put on some soothing tunes.

Offer to sleep with your toddler till the fear is overcome.

Make sure that the kid has had a complete meal and the other daily chores are taken proper care of.

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