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How to Choose a Jewelry Gift Item for a 0-1 Year Old

You may be invited for functions like baptism, naming ceremony, baby shower and so on, where you wish to gift the infant. Jewelry is an ideal gift for infants, be it a boy or a girl. However, you enter the shop and you are even more confused as to what exactly you should select. Here are some things to consider:

There are several options in infant jewelry like earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces or chains and even finger rings. But in all cases, comfort of the baby comes first.

Never go in for imitation jewelry for infants. Their skin is too soft and sensitive. Always prefer gold or silver only.

Buy jewelry items that have absolutely no choking hazards. Do not go for suspended beads, pearls or small diamonds which can fall off or can be plucked off.

There should be no sharp cuts or edges in case of bracelets or chains. The baby should feel comfortable with the piece on. If the size is small, opt to get it changed immediately.

You may talk to the parents if they are fine about using these items for their infant. They may not be so in some cases. Also some parents are allergy conscious in case of infants.

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Jenny Cruz said...

Thank you very much for this great tips. Actually I search for this since I've decided to give a pair of earrings to my sister's new born baby. Though I'm confused of what exactly I should select.
Reading your post delight my day and oh, thanks for letting me know that babies comfort should comes first.
As of now, I'm on my way to Asem Lagos jewelry and find the perfect jewelry for my niece.
Thanks a lot again.

The Parenting Blog said...

Hey Jenny, hope you got a great gift for your cute little niece..

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