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How to Select a Halloween Costume for Your Baby

Your baby's first Halloween calls for a celebration indeed. You can make this a memorable event by inviting the kids around and it will be a pleasure to see them dressed at their best. Halloween is known for the unique dressing up of kids which they as well as the parents enjoy. Your little one can also be dressed very imaginatively. Here are some of the ways in which you can go about it:

You can select a theme for the dress up. For infants, you can opt the costume of flowers, fruits or vegetable. They look really cute as a daisy or carrot or an apple!

If the baby is a little older, you can go in for pretend n play costumes like doctor, soldier or something else.

Kids who are around a year old can start indicating their choice as well Their favourites include cartoon characters that are in latest trend or those like Disney characters that are all time favourites. Girls may be overjoyed being Cindrella or Snow White while the little guys may enjoy being action heroes.

Whatever be the style or character, make sure that the costume is comfortable, made of soft fabrics and does not irritate the kid.

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