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How to Keep Your Toddler Busy While You Work in the Kitchen

 Toddlers are busy little souls. They like to utilize every moment in exploring the world around them and hence need to be watched over carefully. Things become very difficult when you are busy with cooking and there is no one at home to take care of your little devil. Keeping your toddler occupied as you carry out the culinary tasks is a big task in itself. Here is what you can do:

They can be put into a child rocking chair or high chair with safety belts or straps that keeps them at one place at least for sometime. You can entertain them by singing or chatting.

Toddlers usually love music and videos. Keep a collection of rhymes, songs and cartoons ready for such times. However be careful that they do not get addicted to these things.

Drawing, coloring, painting and writing are great tasks. You can hand these guys paper and colors and just watch them squeeze out their imagination! However, some toddlers require an interaction in this process while some prefer to be left alone.

Sometimes kids love to imitate Moms, so your toddler may want to help you out in the kitchen. Give them things like pretend n play kitchen items or some utensils or vegetables that are safe to play around with.

These kids won't be caught up in a single task for a long time. So make sure your bag is full of variety of entertainment items that you can keep on changing from time to time. The moment they get bored, they start off with their exploration and keep you tied with them leaving your work aside.

Note: No matter what you keep your toddler busy with, always keep an eye to check that the kid is safe. Do not ignore any moves and do not let them handle any objects that could cause a risk.

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