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How to Read Books with Your Toddler

Introducing your toddler to books and reading proves to be very beneficial in the long run. At the toddler age, kids are not very patient, you need to develop this passion in them and it happens gradually. Just buying books is not enough, you need to give some time too. Once they get to like books, they develop into avid readers ahead. Here are some tips to work into this:

Start with small picture books designed for the age group of your kid. These books have less content and big colorful pictures. Kids enjoy these a lot. You can begin with picture books like vegetables, flowers and others. Then gradually introduce them to short picture stories.

Let the kid explore the book. Kids love to explain or narrate things to elders. Give them the scope to do so. The kid books are normally hard bound, so relax. Also, initially let the kid skip back and forth in the book, do not impose rules immediately.

Spend some time regularly as reading time. Your toddler will look forward to it. Do not hesitate to buy new books if the kid loves them. The investment pays off well.

For kids around a year old, start teaching them the systematics of reading. Also teach them how to care for their books and arranging them properly.

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