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How to Choose a Shampoo for your Baby

XFQMMTZ8BEEV Bathing your baby is an enjoyable task. With a range of baby products and variety of bath tubs and bath toys, it is even more exciting. As you select the right soap, oil and talcum for your infant, so are you very particular in selecting the right shampoo too. Shampoo selection is important as the product should not cause irritation of eyes and be gentle for the hair as well. Here are a few points to think over when you select a shampoo for your little one:

For infants up to two months of age, shampoo is not necessary. You can wash the hair with a good baby soap.

Search the Internet and study various baby products. Opt for good and branded baby products. The infant scalp and hair is very delicate, do not perform any trial and error by using unknown products.

There are many branded tearless baby shampoos available in the market. These do not cause irritation to the eyes.

Organic or natural or herbal shampoos are also a good option.

When using the shampoo for the first time, watch out for adverse reaction or allergy and consult the doctor immediately.

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